The 30-Day Challenge – Day 10 – My First Love


Yesterday I talked about my graduation  being the most fulfilling moment in my like where nothing could go wrong. Before that I also discussed my relationship with the Zodiac. Today I’m talking about the experience with my first love….


I knew her since the day I started school in Nigeria. I never really noticed her until one conversation we had in the music room. She played the clarinet while I played the flute. We were getting ready for a music competition and we were tired after another stressful episode of rehearsals. I was just outside thinking about walking back to school when she walked out the door and we talked…

Time wasn’t of the essence anymore. We were running about the place. Smiles all over our faces as we were transposing some songs and playing rubbish on the keyboard. She wasn’t perfect in the instruments, but she was good enough for the band. THAT, wasn’t a common thing.

I just can’t forget when night calls reigned supreme over sleep. They say sleep is the cousin of death, but I went deep into the night talking to this person until I met my temporary demise. For the first time in my life, sleep wasn’t preferred to red eyes doing nonsense. I almost felt incomplete if I didn’t talk to her. I wasn’t just fond of her, it was MAD LOVE….

This is the beginning. One word: Love

I apologise for the shortness. I’m a bit rusty.

Impossible is Nothing


The 30-Day Challenge – Day 9 – My future


2 days ago I discussed the Zodiac & a moment of satisfaction in my life. Today I’m giving you a poem about how I want my future to be. 


Rivers flowing to my whistle,

Wind blowing to my wave,

Water rising to my moves,

Fire salutes to my gaze,


Money piles as I drench my clothing with my sweat,

Fortune elevates as the mercury on a sick man,

Imagination as fresh as the water of Mecca,

Creativity emanating through my actions and deeds.


Humility dresses me up,

Ambition is my weapon,

Determination is my mindset,

and Skill is my shield.


As I leave my humble adobe,

into the fighting ground,

I will not show the left cheek,

I will never back down.


I will never stop looking for greatness,

Perfection is my aim,

but satisfaction in all my endeavours

must be attained.




This is my aim. One word: satisfaction

Watch this space  as I drop Day 10 and 11…..

Impossible is Nothing


The 30-Day Challenge – Day 8 – The moment I felt satisfied with life


Earlier I confirmed that I’m a Piscean thoroughbred. Now I discuss the moment when life couldn’t be better.

17th of September 2004. The exact date I entered through the gates of the Bells Sec. School. I can never forget that date, and I hail myself for this. It was a time of uncertainty and excitement. What happens in secondary school? Who will I meet? Boarding school could never be more daunting for a kid with bounds of energy and a fiery imagination. I had too many questions; I knew the wardens immediately and they probably wish they didn’t know me. I thought life would be terrible, yet on the 3rd of July 2010 I was throwing my hat in the air celebrating 6 wonderful years of joy, punishment, despair, power and most important of all, memories that will stay in my life forever.

“The moment I felt most satisfied with in my life is when I graduated from Bells on the 3rd of July 2012”

The graduation ceremony was normal; the keynote speaker talking hardly attracted my attention, until it was our turn (the graduants) to perform. We were performing “We are one” (can’t remember the singer’s name :() and I was playing the flute. All the girls wanted to sing so they filled up the stage and sung their hearts out. Then I played my part; a soulful, grieving and lovable verse of fulfilling hapiness and a bit of sadness that this performance was my last on the Bells stage. The applause was euphoric and inspiring.

This is my fondest memory. One word: Fulfillment

Day 9 and 10 will be posted tomorrow.

Shout out to the o ’10 deckers! See what I did there…

Impossible is Nothing


The 30-Day Challenge – Day 7 – The Zodiac and Me…


Yesterday I gave you guys 30 facts about me. It wasn’t easy but I came through. Today, I decide whether I’m a true Pisces or not. I’m only going to talk about personality factors. So I investigate…

The Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign of the constellation. It is one of three water signs, the others being Scorpio and . To be a Pisces, you have to be born in between February 19 and March 20. I was born March 17. Judging by research, I’ve picked out the most popular words to describe a typical Piscean:

  • Romantic
  • Artistic / Creative
  • Sensitive / Emotional
  • Unrealistic / Idealistic
  • Nature
  • Indecisive
  • Instinctive
  • Shyness

So I’m going to judge myself on these words.

I can be very romantic. It’s almost my nature. I can’t let things be conventional when I know a word or two can change the perception of  a girl about me. Variety is the spice of life, so I always try to twist things so we have fun and you’ll come back for more. It doesn’t work all the time, though. I’ve had a lot of hiccups but we learn and move on. Dwelling on mistakes cause depression in the long-term.

In terms of art, I don’t think I haven’t participated in all types of art. Acting? I was a leader of my secondary school drama team. Music? I play the flute and I have a 3-year old songbook. Drawing? I’ll show you my fantasies on a piece of paper if you doubt me. All this have influenced my creativity, positively and negatively. I feel I can get out of any bad situation. I don’t fluster when I get lost or I’m having troubles doing an assignment. I just take a deep breath and shut down for a few seconds before looking at the troubles again. Accepting defeat isn’t an option.

“Winners don’t make excuses when the other side plays the game” – Harvey Spector

That being said, I’m extremely sensitive and emotional to a lot of stuff either physically or mentally. I see a lot of stuff I don’t like and I just try to zone out. If that doesn’t work then the environment can be very irritating so I leave to get some fresh air or I leave for good. Also, nothing can be more annoying to me than crass / sentimental opinions. I’m a soccer fan so I hear this all the time, but people don’t believe me when I say I don’t argue with sentiment. I always try to say it as I see it. What would I gain from winning that argument???

Yesterday I said I’m an optimistic person. However, there has to be a bit of reality and logic in life. Virtually everything you see in your dream won’t end up in reality. It doesn’t mean we can’t be hopeful and try. Realism tells you there is a slim chance to be another Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. Optimism tells you to try. Pessimism….

As much as realistic people see the facts, they are still too negative for me.

I also have ideas of how I want things to be, and most times it doesn’t go that way.

I am a very natural person. Everything I do just appears to me rather than thinking for long hours, and I trust my instinct very well. What else do you have? Your brain that’ll keep you guessing? Obviously more often than not, thinking about things clearly is better than trusting your instinct, but being instinctive saves so much time, especially if you’re right most of the time.

This may come as a surprise to some people, but I’m a terribly shy person. I find it very hard to introduce myself to people. If you’ve been in a class with me you wouldn’t believe me, but I pray so hard before presentations so I don’t crack under the pressure. If its needs to be done, I’ll do it but I would pick the choice of not doing it.

This is my image on the stars. One word: Fish (Eje nLa)

 Later this evening I’ll talk about a time in my life when everything was flowing well; A time where life couldn’t be better.

Apologies for running late. The weekend has been stressful and I’ve been waking up with headaches every morning.

Let me leave you guys with this picture.

Impossible is Nothing


The 30-Day Challenge – Day 6 – 30 Facts about me


Yesterday I talked about how keeping me away from my parents made me think of killing myself. Today I’m giving you facts about me; opinions, unusual facts and some highlights of my 19-year life. So without further ado…

1. I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and I lived there for 10 years before moving permanently to Nigeria in May 2003.

2. I first came to Nigeria when I was 6. People who haven’t been to Africa think that Africa is a jungle. I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw the airport.

3. When I 2-3 years old, I was always playing with the TV when my dad was watching it. I would turn it on and off and I would recite “a-ya-ya-kokoko”.

4. I sprained my ankle on a bouncing castle on my 4th birthday, and I blew the candles of my cake on a hospital bed with my leg hanging!

5. The first time I stole was form a supermarket when I took a sweet from the cashier when I went with my dad. I told my mom and she told my dad. I raised my hands for like 5 hours. He even gave me the luxury of licking the sweet when I was doing it.

6. I broke my left arm when I was 6. I feel down from a clubhouse on a tree we had and my arm fell directly on a trolley. I was unconscious until I saw the nurse injecting morphen so I couldn’t feel pain. I wore a POP.

7. I started fasting when I was 6.

8. I schooled in Manarat Jeddah Intl’. School for my nursery and primary school up till Primary 4. I finished up Primary 5 and did my secondary school in Bells.

9. Here’s a joke: I hit my sister on the back with a ruler when I was 6 and she blackmailed me for 2 years. I finally got angry and I told my mom. The laughter…

10. I play the Flute.

11. I used to draw supernatural wrestlers who were named after animals. My favourite guy was Porcupine and his enemy was Snake.

12. I can’t speak Arabic.

13. I have had so many nicknames! Abdul, ADG (Abdul da Great), Capo, efP, and most recently, Bustin’ Runz!

14. I’ve had only one girlfriend.

15. At my highest point of hapiness, I’m a perfectionist.

16. I’m an optimist. Being realistic has more negatives than positives.

17. I was born on Wednesday the 17th of March 1993.

18. Ass over breast. 😀

19. I’m a lifelong fan of Rap and Hip-Hop music and my favourite rappers are Eminem and Ludacris. Who’s better: J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar??

20. I write songs to blow off steam.

21. I’m short-tempered. Ask my BFF…

22. I was Food Prefect in secondary school.

23. I was born on Wednesday the 23rd of Ramadhan 1413 A.H.

24. I was the only prefect that year to lose his position. 😦

25. I had a wrestling bed where I used to wrestle with my cousin when no one was at home. When we wanted to fight for bragging rights, we would clear the parlour.

26. I’m a Chelsea fan. Blue is the colour!

27. Messi > Ronaldo. However, if I need a last-minute goal, I’ll play Ronaldo.

28. I have a gold medal in swimming in a school competition while I was in Saudi.

29. My parents are the best thing that happened to me.

30. Life Through my Waters will flow till there’s no more water in the world.

You just read me. One word: Life

Tomorrow I’ll be discussing whether the zodiac sign  Pisces applies to me. 

Impossible is Nothing.


The 30-Day Challenge – Day 5 – The Contemplation of Suicide


Yesterday it was all about Islam, and today I’ll share that moment where I felt my life was worthless. I actually contemplated suicide…


Coming back to school from vacations was always fun; going to the market, my dad giving me advice with some fresh cheese, and my mother buying me send-off ice cream cake that she’ll give you eye for if you ask for it on a normal day. I have spent the whole holiday running around cinemas in Lagos with friends and doing assignment that I copy and paste answers from the textbook so it wasn’t too much stress. So imagine something so simple and annoying like assignment  cause you so much pain and despair that you literally want to kill yourself? Let’s hope that one day the thumb doesn’t decide to grow above your middle finger.

I came back to school with my assignments in a single file which I kept in my book box. I thought no one knew…*sigh*

Apparently he found out. The inner bag inside the box was the location for all my work done throughout the holidays. He probably saw it when I was taking it out when everyone was supposed to go out for PHE exercises. I went out late so I could submit my assignment in the teacher’s office as I was lying to everybody that I didn’t do the assignments. They all knew I was lying, but he took it personal. I couldn’t even figure out why he did it. He was happy with his last 3 position in class; he was a very average student. He was the live wire of the class, and he had a handwriting that made braille look like cursive . He was the tallest in class,and his pidgin english could make a vulture cry.

So we were told that the principal would take the assignments seriously. She decided that anyone whose assignments score was below average wouldn’t see their parents on visiting day. I wasn’t flustered; I did all of my assignments. I assumed everything was fine, until I couldn’t find them.

They said my percentage was 49.1%.

I saw the common room getting locked and the tears just started flowing through my cheeks. I saw my car parking under that tree beside the library. My parents were stunned when they heard the news. They saw my sister, she was happy. Apparently there aren’t any hungry thieves in girls school after her assignments. She ate all the rice, drank all the 7-up. The least said about the ice cream the better. I saw her as she gnashed her teeth with all her effort on the poor but huge chicken drumstick. The tears were endless, I didn’t know 70% of the body had water. It is true when they say that we learn from experience.

Sunday the 21st of January 2007…The day I was locked up from seeing my parents on visiting day. I can never forget the date.

These are my experiences. One word: Despair

*whew*. This was the most difficult of them all to write. But I wrote it! #LikeABoss…

Tomorrow I’ll list 30 facts about me. Do you really wanna miss that???

Impossible is Nothing


The 30-Day Challenge – Day 4 – Religion


Yesterday I talked about Drugs and alcohol, and it touched a few religious aspects. Today I’m going HAM on my religion, Islam. Enjoy…

Religion virtually involves everything about life: how we eat, how we treat people and even how we enter the toilet. However, I don’t believe that any religion that controls the human life more than Islam. As a muslim you’re meant to pray five times daily, give alms too the poor, go to pilgrimage at least once in your life, fast in the just concluded month of Ramadhan, and last but the most, believe that there is only one God who is known as Allah (SWT). If you don’t believe in one God  yet you do what is required of a muslim, you’re not a muslim. #simple

That being said, Islam isn’t a religion for the lazy. A good muslim can never be a lazy person, no matter his job. It’s actually a religion that defines the idiom that says “Actions speak louder than words.” Basically, anyone that can pray five times daily, always has change to give out to someone who needs it, and fast like it’s second nature, combined with strong faith in his one God, that person deserves respect. It’s unfortunately that these type of people aren’t popular, but what good thing is popular nowadays except things that involve money?

That being said, there are two main contradictions I notice in the religion.

Firstly, the smoking issue still burns up lots of debates in the Islamic World. It’s an intoxicant, and the Qur’an (Islam’s holy book) bans all intoxicants which includes alcohol. Apparently the main pioneers of the religion, the Arabs, hate alcohol but love the cigarettes. Only The Almighty Himself knows what he wants as there is stark confusion in the  world today.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the model muslim, but I can’t practice any other religion; the thought of me clapping in church irks me.

Another issue I see is he treatment of women. The notion that they must stay home and raise the kids is completely outdated. Even though it’s still practiced among the Northerners, the modern world influences women to go out and make their own money and take charge of their own life. When I was living in Saudi Arabia, women couldn’t drive, compete in sports and they must wear Abaya’s. A woman in jeans in those shores was the devil. However, when I was living there, a family friend told me that any woman who wants to be equal to men lacks ambition. Why would you want to be equal to men when you can strive to the top without “shouting to the world that we aren’t alive only to make babies”. Strange huh?

These are my thoughts. One word: Issues

Check back tomorrow as I try to talk about a time I thought about ending my life. This would probably be the hardest one to date, but I’ll crack it open tomorrow. Don’t forget to subscribe….

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