Day 17: Yinka

Day 17: Yinka

Every year I write down my targets for 2016 on this website & it’s been very helpful because it gives me something to reference during the year when I need reminding of what I want to do.

Here’s this year’s version.

nostalgic words of future me

2017. How far? We’re going to have a blast this year, right? Much better than 2016, right?

Yeah, because that’s the real target this year. Every professional and creative target I have this year will be subsidiary to the decree that I must enjoy this year more than the last. 2016 wasn’t bad but it could’ve been a lot better, so this post is all about writing my own steps to happiness into existence.

First, my full-time happiness must be a priority over everyone else’s. I’ve always tried to be the one to take the hit for the team but when you find yourself doing that all the time without reciprocal effort to do the same then you end up blunting your happiness because you don’t want to be a nuisance to other people’s plans. If there’s one thing I learned in 2016, it’s that nobody is going to be able…

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*dusts cobwebs*

Happy New Year Everyone!
I haven’t posted anything here in a while but it doesn’t mean I haven’t written anything since then. I have lots of jotters where I scribble stuff but the problem it I never want to type it out … until now.

Hopefully I’ll post a few more this year but lets start with this:


I want to be limitless,
My achievements to have no comparison,
The whole biography to be nothing but original,
My ways to be the human symbol of versatile success.

I want to be limitless,
Strays into the unknown are just revising an old book,
A staunch jack of all trades I know a little about a lot,
An ability to adapt to all the challenges I got.

I want to be limitless,
Invest money to be better & grow more,
Unlock the potential in the potential to see what’s in store,
Contentment is the enemy, what are you standing still for?

I want to be limitless,
The work rate must math the mental ambition,
Untangle my brain with thoughts, get headaches & still think on,
Get a pillow to lie on but the brain is still on.

I want to be limitless,
I’m doomed to chase perfection,
The thought of success gives me an erection,
& that feeling is exposed through coitus with no hesitation.

I want to be limitless,
To conquer all the horizons I can,
To stumble & falter until I am the man,
Till my last breath I will do all I can,

To be Limitless

Happy 2017 everyone.


Bodily Stimulation,
Sweaty Diversification,
The evolutional illusions of your hallucinations,
Heaven is an understatement when your involved with my imagination.

Swimming in the clouds; the water’s are mastered,
Shooting to the stars; the earth’s stars cant produce enough,
Screams that causes earthquakes; stars hotter than the sun,
Emotions leaving you breathless, combustion to the milky way.

Up & down you go like kids on a see-saw,
anticipating the fall get infiltrated to get back up,
as we rise to our success and fall to our relaxation,
our various fruits spread to accommodate our lust of fulfillment.

Do we really want it all?
Being thrown around in that room full of luxuries?
Sleeping in the middle of nowhere being drowned in different currencies? Unbounded to the regulation of time?

I want the wind to be my timepiece,
The heat to rise as I move up to the echelons of greatness,
They say the best people have an area of expertise,
but we can spread so many things on bread, can’t we?

Gracias for Reading.


A very conscious birthday poem…

Reading for my future...
Reading for my future…

Today I graduate from a number with the intention of evolution
A moment to look back and prosecute the embodiment of my respiration
the hustle of my mushed-up green spaghetti ball, the outlook through the microscope of my moments
my bracket of time which encapsulates my finest hours and spices it up with my darkest embers of thought and deed
Today I lock all sources of negativity, I must look to the future with optimism
I refuse to let my chances of success calculate themselves on piece of paper
for if they foresee downfall, they are just spaces of matter that will delete themselves from memory
for I know no shed of pessimism that will befall my great plans of this world

My mind flows angry like the wind-conducted river
like the conductor having the night of his life
his baton moves with so much aggression
yet he embodies so much accuracy and composure
in that one-of-a-kind suit tailored for nights of bright lights the sun can’t give
spurred on by each and every tune, melody, harmony, and note that reacts to his majesty with so much passion
This is the embodiment of what I want to be…

I’m not outspoken, but my views are heard and my arguments are loud
I’m not a businessman, but I always see the end from the means of my input
My life isn’t full of the glamour and riches, but I would never change anything I have now for the sole price of money

I Thank God because the uprising of thoughts hasn’t formatted my brain from what it has always been
My environment hasn’t changed the way I process my reactions
Everything I represent in this life comes from my own inspiration

I thank Allah SWT that despite all I’ve seen in my lifetime, I still remain the man I have always been.

Happy Birthday Y1nka…

100 Truths

Hey Guys,

Found this on a friend’s blog so I decided to do my version. Expect a lot from me this year.

These are the 100 Truths…

1. Last beverage → Sprite
2. Last phone call → Mommy
3. Last text message → GT Bank
4. Last song you listened to → Darey’s “Not The Girl”
5. Last time you cried → Can’t Remember

6. Dated someone twice? → Nope
7. Been cheated on? → Nope
8. Kissed someone? → Yes
9. Lost someone special? → Yes
10. Been depressed? → Yes, but that was so last year!
11. Been drunk and threw up? → Nope

12. Red
13. Blue
14. Brown
15. Black

16. Made new friends → Yeah
17. Fallen out of love → Yes
18. Laughed until you cried → I do this a lot, then my stomach starts vexing me…
19. Met someone who changed you → Nope
20. Found out who your true friends were → Nothing conclusive but have too many ideas…
21. Found out someone was talking about you → Yeah. I never looked at him the same way since.
22. Kissed anyone on your friend’s list → Nah…
23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life → Not many
25. Do you have any pets → No, & I don’t think I want one.
26. Do you want to change your name→ Nope.
27. What did you do for your last birthday → Got drunk, played games, got drunk and did everything I could to cure the hangover.
28. What time did you wake up today → 6 A.M.
29. What were you doing at midnight last night → Watching series, updating drafts & walking round school.
30. Name something you cannot wait for → My Birthday!!
31. Last time you saw your father → The last night before travelling back to school.
32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life → The way I procrastinate work.
33. What are you listening to right now → Django Unchained OST
34. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → No
35. What’s getting on your nerves right now? → Life’s moving too slow for me…
36. Most visited webpage → This January its #30DaysofHope

37. What’s your name → Abdullahi Adeyinka Aknni Adebiyi
38. Nicknames → A4, Capo, eFP, Bustin’, and a lot more I can’t remember..
39. Relationship Status → Single
40. Zodiac sign → Pisces
41. Male or female or transgendered→ Male
42. Primary→ Manarat Jeddah Intl’ School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Kindergarten – Pry 4) & Bells Primary School, Ota, Ogun State (Pry 5)
43. High School → Bells Comp. Secondary School
44. College → American University of Nigeria, Yola.
45. Hair colour → Black
46. Long/medium/short → Short
47. Height → I haven’t checked in a while
48. Do you have a crush on someone? → Nope
49: What do you like about yourself? → My ability to adapt and improvise
50. Home Town → Abeokuta
51. Tattoos → No.
52. Righty or lefty → Righty

53. First surgery → 10 stitches on my back. Got into a fight and got pushed on a catcher (those things used to padlock lockers).
54. First relationship → 18.
55. First best friends → Enuamaka Mkparu. My BFF!
56. First sport you joined → Swimming…
57. First pet → A cat
58. First vacation→ Riyadh
59. First concert → Went to see one Arab musician…
60. First crush → Halima Abubakr. Wondering where she is now…

61. Eating → Shortcake
62. Drinking → Sprite
63. Already missing → Home
64. I’m about to → Play FIFA 13!
65. Listening to → Burna Boy…
66. Thinking about → How I’m going to beat this guy!
67. Waiting for? My turn!

68. Want kids? → 4 kids…2 boys and 2 girls & the oldest and youngest are girls
69. Want to get married? → Yes…
70. Careers in mind → A lot!

71. Lips or eyes → Eyes
72. Hugs or kisses → Both!
73. Shorter or taller → Definitely shorter!
74. Older or Younger → I’ll take the risk with anyone that catches my heart…
75. Romantic or spontaneous → Pure Romantic. Don;t know any other way.
76. Nice stomach or nice arms → Stomach.
77. Sensitive or loud → Please balance it out
78. Hook-up or relationship → Anyone that comes my way…
79. Trouble maker or hesitant → again, balance it out.

81. Drank hard liquor → Yesterday night…
82. Lost glasses/contacts → I’ve lost glasses, never worn contacts.
83. Had sex on 1st date – Nope
84. Broken someone’s heart → Yeah
85. Had your own heart broken → Yeah
86. Been arrested → Nope
87. Turned someone down → Yes
88. Cried when someone died → That’s reserved for Family.
89. Liked a friend that’s of the same sex? → Nope

90. Yourself → Always
91. Miracles → yes, no, yes, no, YES!
92. Love at first sight → Yes..
93. Heaven → Yes
94. Santa Claus → I WANT TO SEE HIM
95. Kiss on the first date? → Yes
96. Angels → Yes

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Hmm…yes
98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend? → No
99. Wish you could change things in your past? Nope. If anything I thank God for it
100. Are you posting this as 100 Truths? → Yes!


The 30 – Day Challenge – Day 12 – My Day…


I’ve posted the shuffle day earlier today and now I’m just outlining my whole day for you guys. I’ll try my best to post at least two tomorrow. That being said, I may post more if I have time…

– Woke up to my alarm 6:31 am (Yemi Alade has a great voice). I played some soccer until 8.

– I move around my room lazily until I decide to get ready for the day.

– I leave for the cafeteria by 9 am to eat breakfast. I chilled for some people after eating just to talk; it was too early to go for my 9:50 class.

– I leave the cafeteria by 9:35 to class. It was still early; the teacher came late, which is rare considering he hates lateness. He had a good excuse though, and the class went on.

– He released us by 11am, 20 mins. earlier of normal time. I went to my room and I released Day 11 and I was playing around. I left for lunch by 12:38 pm. The macaroni was too normal but I liked the meat… :).

– I went to the coffee shop in school to read some soccer tactics until 1:45 class. That being said, if you’re interested in the geeky stuff about soccer, go to and read about your team.

– During the Psychology class, the teacher gave us Brain Teasers. The answers to some questions were hilarious!

– Went back to the coffee shop for some latte and a sandwich. I stayed there till 4pm talking to people.

– I went to the library to read for a literature quiz tomorrow that’s 10% of my grade. I started reading for it by 5 though; I was reading some blogs. Nigeria has talent.

– I started reading for the literature test till 7pm… then the tummy rumbles. I pick up some rice from the coffee shop before I go to my room.

– I eat my food in the seat where I watched Madrid v Man. City game. In some cases, money can buy class.

– I start revising my PPT slides for my presentation tomorrow, and I’m also getting ready for my quiz tomorrow.

This was my day (18th Sept. 2012). One word: boring…until the match!

Impossible is Nothing


The 30-Day Challenge – Day 11 – The BB Shuffle


I enjoyed writing what you’re meant to read : The Shuffle Day :). Personally, this is my favourite day. I don’t have an iPod so I used my BB (all na shuffle). So without further ado…

1. Payphone by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa

I really like the concept of the video but the song makes itself. Adam Levine is a great singer + the fact that he knows that there’s still sun in paradise made me question my sanity when I started the shuffle and I was dancing around my friend’s room.

2. Ghetto Dreams by Dagrin ft. Sossick

The man who made rapping in yoruba cool, just like Drake made rappers singing cool as well. Here, he raps about the aspiration of kids from the ghetto, and he was supported by a great chorus by Sossick

“Sometimes when I sleep and I’m dreaming, I just don’t wanna wake up”

3. Power Circle by MMG ft. Kendrick Lamar

Hardly do you ever find a song with 6 rappers and you can’t just decipher which one you liked the most. Kendrick Lamar took it for me mainly because the way he started his verse was unique and he stated some very deep facts. However, the members of MMG went HAM on this song. The verses had one thing in common: they related to the beginnings of rap and how they elevate to the top with their hustle. That is the point of the whole song, and that makes it the best rap song released in 2012.

4. The End Where I Begin by The Script

Basically, any song that’s on FIFA is very good. The fact that I started with that sentence belittles the  greatness of this song. The first time I heard The Script was when my friend recommended “Break Even” and I loved it. The first time I heard this song I was playing an old version of FIFA. The song is quite old, but the depth of the lyrics combined with the strings & the piano makes this song a classic in my view.

5. Sote Remix by The Pulse ft. Busta Rhymes

The sounds of hope and faith with motivational lyrics combined with gritty, street wise feel of  Busta’s verse sends a great message to the government to stop being thieves and start doing what you’re meant to do. I love the story that the lead singer used as the first verse, about not going to school and bombing.

6. Circles by B.o.B

This song actually inspired a poem I wrote on this blog. It’s about a guy who loves a very popular and famous girl so much, but she had a crush on another person instead of him. Virtually the best of B.o.B, and I recommend the album to anyone who wants to hear the best of versatility in a musician. Whisper it softly, there’s a part in the song where I can do etighi…

7. Roll It by Wizkid & Banky W

It’s funny how this is the only Wizkid song that came out of the shuffle though. He makes listening to “okay” lyrics sound nice with a nice voice and great delivery, combined with the beats. However, I prefer Banky’s verse; it was very straight to the point and he probably doesn’t care about your boyfriend. Swag pass Swag….

8. Ridiculous by M.I ft. Hench and Boogey

When M.I released Illegal Music 2, he said he wanted to promote other rappers. In this song, he virtually took the backseat with his second verse and allowed Hench and Boogey to….*sigh*….let’s just say the beat had a fitting burial. Watch out for those guys!

9. Ambition by Wale ft. Meek Mill and Rick Ross

Pure inspiration. Meek Milly kicked it off with a flowing and conscious rap verse and Rick Ross slaughtered the beat before Wale buried it.

A simple tale of the ambitions of the MMG members: from Meek Mill selling dope to Ricky Rozay “hustlin” to Wale rising above haters. –

“You know you real, you don’t say it

You know you real, we gon feel it – Wale”

Could he have said it any better? I doubt…

And Finally….

10. Omo Tena by Solid Star

I disagree with his first video. I’m not a fan of girls without hair on their head; baldness is for men and men alone + I didn’t really like the song. Even short, boy-like hair on girls gives me the creeps, but my sister made me like her. She’s probably the exception…..

That being said, his star shone on this song. I almost have to wear sunglasses when I listen to this song. There aren’t many songs in Nigeria that combine great meaning to a song we could dance to. This song is the exception to the rule…

This is my music. One word: Inspiration

I’m way behind schedule on the challenge but I promised myself that I will finish it. I don’t break promises…

I thought school work would be kind, but a literature teacher giving me 12 pages to read and calling it a short story isn’t exactly generous…..*lazy man’s sigh*

Impossible is Nothing