The man behind the flows…..

Behind the blog you are reading (or about to read) is a very versatile and complex character.

A person who is neither perfect or impotent

Just a moderate piece of good mixed up with a whole lot of bad

But Ying without Yang would mean both will be sad

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to ‘Life Through My Waters’, a blog created by Y1nka Adebiyi

As already stared above, Y1nka is a very versatile character. He’s involved in a lot of things involving sports & arts and is a fan of international politics and event planning. He is also a complex person is the sense that there are so many sides to him that only people who are really close to him see. That’s what I want to bring to this blog, post by post, and I hope you enjoy it.

Read, Enjoy and Share….

Impossible is Nothing


P.s: Constructive Criticism is highly appreciated….


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