The Anger You Must Respect

The anger you awoke,
must be leashed, you don’t wanna see me provoke,
come to my face with that attitude I hold your neck & choke,
& that’s all she wrote. What a timely quote.

That was a daydream,
cos in reality I can only make noise
louder than the highest volume of your speakers,
but the way I’m boiling inside, if it controls me, I will hit him,
leaving scars so bad, they have to use a cast to fix.

Deep breaths are such a major key,
let’s the steam out & sweeps your mind free,
putting perspective where there was rage,
a moment to remind you that you need to weld the bars,
to lock this anger in a cage.

but beware! When I willingly let it flow,
It surely means you did something wrong,
I don’t wanna know
your cup is overflowing & it’s pouring on my trouser
I won’t let you hear the end of it, defend yourself, I only get louder.

There I go again,
now I need water cos I’ve been shouting for so long my mouth is dry,
people wondering what happened, they want me to justify,
but no, I won’t let them make me look wrong,
when you’re the one who defied.

Leave me alone,
my body needs to recover from this outburst on its own.
I’m not thinking, I’m just lying down looking at the ceiling,
my own way of healing & shielding myself,
for the slight shame I feel for being out of control.

Caught between feeling bad & self-justification
lying on a fence, not moving to either side
waiting for the urgency in my body to subside,
then the anger I made you respect,
steps inside…


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