*dusts cobwebs*

Yeah. Again. I know.

This is a special piece because is serves as a precursor to something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the conviction to … until now. I’ve already read this piece for the good people who were at Outspoken & it’s only right I post this piece here in my personal space so everybody can see it.

So without further ado,

*cracks fingers*

The desire I suppressed,
explodes out with a vengeance,
refuses to be locked away,
in a place where it’s never seen.

The desire I suppressed,
found a way to escape,
refusing to be a story,
of what could’ve been.

The desire I suppressed,
exposed my indecision,
in a forceful up rise,
to make me do through any means.

The desire I suppressed,
in preference for other ventures,
shows me that this reality,
isn’t all that it seems.

So I fall into this desire,
release it from it’s suppression,
as a cure for my silent depression,
that doesn’t cripple me.

I embrace this desire slowly,
as the fear of failure & backlash remain,
but I’m engulfed in this,
it has become an objective I want to attain.

So the desire I suppressed,
has taken over me,
successfully hacking my brain,
but instead of control, freedom has become the aim.

The desire I suppressed,
has now become my mission,
replacing artificial desires,
with the love of my formerly suppressed ambition.


Watch out. Something is gonna happen soon.

October 1st.

Peace, Love, & Positivity.