Bodily Stimulation,
Sweaty Diversification,
The evolutional illusions of your hallucinations,
Heaven is an understatement when your involved with my imagination.

Swimming in the clouds; the water’s are mastered,
Shooting to the stars; the earth’s stars cant produce enough,
Screams that causes earthquakes; stars hotter than the sun,
Emotions leaving you breathless, combustion to the milky way.

Up & down you go like kids on a see-saw,
anticipating the fall get infiltrated to get back up,
as we rise to our success and fall to our relaxation,
our various fruits spread to accommodate our lust of fulfillment.

Do we really want it all?
Being thrown around in that room full of luxuries?
Sleeping in the middle of nowhere being drowned in different currencies? Unbounded to the regulation of time?

I want the wind to be my timepiece,
The heat to rise as I move up to the echelons of greatness,
They say the best people have an area of expertise,
but we can spread so many things on bread, can’t we?

Gracias for Reading.



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