A very conscious birthday poem…

Reading for my future...
Reading for my future…

Today I graduate from a number with the intention of evolution
A moment to look back and prosecute the embodiment of my respiration
the hustle of my mushed-up green spaghetti ball, the outlook through the microscope of my moments
my bracket of time which encapsulates my finest hours and spices it up with my darkest embers of thought and deed
Today I lock all sources of negativity, I must look to the future with optimism
I refuse to let my chances of success calculate themselves on piece of paper
for if they foresee downfall, they are just spaces of matter that will delete themselves from memory
for I know no shed of pessimism that will befall my great plans of this world

My mind flows angry like the wind-conducted river
like the conductor having the night of his life
his baton moves with so much aggression
yet he embodies so much accuracy and composure
in that one-of-a-kind suit tailored for nights of bright lights the sun can’t give
spurred on by each and every tune, melody, harmony, and note that reacts to his majesty with so much passion
This is the embodiment of what I want to be…

I’m not outspoken, but my views are heard and my arguments are loud
I’m not a businessman, but I always see the end from the means of my input
My life isn’t full of the glamour and riches, but I would never change anything I have now for the sole price of money

I Thank God because the uprising of thoughts hasn’t formatted my brain from what it has always been
My environment hasn’t changed the way I process my reactions
Everything I represent in this life comes from my own inspiration

I thank Allah SWT that despite all I’ve seen in my lifetime, I still remain the man I have always been.

Happy Birthday Y1nka…