The 30-Day Challenge – Day 6 – 30 Facts about me


Yesterday I talked about how keeping me away from my parents made me think of killing myself. Today I’m giving you facts about me; opinions, unusual facts and some highlights of my 19-year life. So without further ado…

1. I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and I lived there for 10 years before moving permanently to Nigeria in May 2003.

2. I first came to Nigeria when I was 6. People who haven’t been to Africa think that Africa is a jungle. I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw the airport.

3. When I 2-3 years old, I was always playing with the TV when my dad was watching it. I would turn it on and off and I would recite “a-ya-ya-kokoko”.

4. I sprained my ankle on a bouncing castle on my 4th birthday, and I blew the candles of my cake on a hospital bed with my leg hanging!

5. The first time I stole was form a supermarket when I took a sweet from the cashier when I went with my dad. I told my mom and she told my dad. I raised my hands for like 5 hours. He even gave me the luxury of licking the sweet when I was doing it.

6. I broke my left arm when I was 6. I feel down from a clubhouse on a tree we had and my arm fell directly on a trolley. I was unconscious until I saw the nurse injecting morphen so I couldn’t feel pain. I wore a POP.

7. I started fasting when I was 6.

8. I schooled in Manarat Jeddah Intl’. School for my nursery and primary school up till Primary 4. I finished up Primary 5 and did my secondary school in Bells.

9. Here’s a joke: I hit my sister on the back with a ruler when I was 6 and she blackmailed me for 2 years. I finally got angry and I told my mom. The laughter…

10. I play the Flute.

11. I used to draw supernatural wrestlers who were named after animals. My favourite guy was Porcupine and his enemy was Snake.

12. I can’t speak Arabic.

13. I have had so many nicknames! Abdul, ADG (Abdul da Great), Capo, efP, and most recently, Bustin’ Runz!

14. I’ve had only one girlfriend.

15. At my highest point of hapiness, I’m a perfectionist.

16. I’m an optimist. Being realistic has more negatives than positives.

17. I was born on Wednesday the 17th of March 1993.

18. Ass over breast. 😀

19. I’m a lifelong fan of Rap and Hip-Hop music and my favourite rappers are Eminem and Ludacris. Who’s better: J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar??

20. I write songs to blow off steam.

21. I’m short-tempered. Ask my BFF…

22. I was Food Prefect in secondary school.

23. I was born on Wednesday the 23rd of Ramadhan 1413 A.H.

24. I was the only prefect that year to lose his position. 😦

25. I had a wrestling bed where I used to wrestle with my cousin when no one was at home. When we wanted to fight for bragging rights, we would clear the parlour.

26. I’m a Chelsea fan. Blue is the colour!

27. Messi > Ronaldo. However, if I need a last-minute goal, I’ll play Ronaldo.

28. I have a gold medal in swimming in a school competition while I was in Saudi.

29. My parents are the best thing that happened to me.

30. Life Through my Waters will flow till there’s no more water in the world.

You just read me. One word: Life

Tomorrow I’ll be discussing whether the zodiac sign  Pisces applies to me. 

Impossible is Nothing.



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