The 30-Day Challenge – Day 5 – The Contemplation of Suicide


Yesterday it was all about Islam, and today I’ll share that moment where I felt my life was worthless. I actually contemplated suicide…


Coming back to school from vacations was always fun; going to the market, my dad giving me advice with some fresh cheese, and my mother buying me send-off ice cream cake that she’ll give you eye for if you ask for it on a normal day. I have spent the whole holiday running around cinemas in Lagos with friends and doing assignment that I copy and paste answers from the textbook so it wasn’t too much stress. So imagine something so simple and annoying like assignment  cause you so much pain and despair that you literally want to kill yourself? Let’s hope that one day the thumb doesn’t decide to grow above your middle finger.

I came back to school with my assignments in a single file which I kept in my book box. I thought no one knew…*sigh*

Apparently he found out. The inner bag inside the box was the location for all my work done throughout the holidays. He probably saw it when I was taking it out when everyone was supposed to go out for PHE exercises. I went out late so I could submit my assignment in the teacher’s office as I was lying to everybody that I didn’t do the assignments. They all knew I was lying, but he took it personal. I couldn’t even figure out why he did it. He was happy with his last 3 position in class; he was a very average student. He was the live wire of the class, and he had a handwriting that made braille look like cursive . He was the tallest in class,and his pidgin english could make a vulture cry.

So we were told that the principal would take the assignments seriously. She decided that anyone whose assignments score was below average wouldn’t see their parents on visiting day. I wasn’t flustered; I did all of my assignments. I assumed everything was fine, until I couldn’t find them.

They said my percentage was 49.1%.

I saw the common room getting locked and the tears just started flowing through my cheeks. I saw my car parking under that tree beside the library. My parents were stunned when they heard the news. They saw my sister, she was happy. Apparently there aren’t any hungry thieves in girls school after her assignments. She ate all the rice, drank all the 7-up. The least said about the ice cream the better. I saw her as she gnashed her teeth with all her effort on the poor but huge chicken drumstick. The tears were endless, I didn’t know 70% of the body had water. It is true when they say that we learn from experience.

Sunday the 21st of January 2007…The day I was locked up from seeing my parents on visiting day. I can never forget the date.

These are my experiences. One word: Despair

*whew*. This was the most difficult of them all to write. But I wrote it! #LikeABoss…

Tomorrow I’ll list 30 facts about me. Do you really wanna miss that???

Impossible is Nothing



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