The 30-Day Challenge – Day 4 – Religion


Yesterday I talked about Drugs and alcohol, and it touched a few religious aspects. Today I’m going HAM on my religion, Islam. Enjoy…

Religion virtually involves everything about life: how we eat, how we treat people and even how we enter the toilet. However, I don’t believe that any religion that controls the human life more than Islam. As a muslim you’re meant to pray five times daily, give alms too the poor, go to pilgrimage at least once in your life, fast in the just concluded month of Ramadhan, and last but the most, believe that there is only one God who is known as Allah (SWT). If you don’t believe in one God  yet you do what is required of a muslim, you’re not a muslim. #simple

That being said, Islam isn’t a religion for the lazy. A good muslim can never be a lazy person, no matter his job. It’s actually a religion that defines the idiom that says “Actions speak louder than words.” Basically, anyone that can pray five times daily, always has change to give out to someone who needs it, and fast like it’s second nature, combined with strong faith in his one God, that person deserves respect. It’s unfortunately that these type of people aren’t popular, but what good thing is popular nowadays except things that involve money?

That being said, there are two main contradictions I notice in the religion.

Firstly, the smoking issue still burns up lots of debates in the Islamic World. It’s an intoxicant, and the Qur’an (Islam’s holy book) bans all intoxicants which includes alcohol. Apparently the main pioneers of the religion, the Arabs, hate alcohol but love the cigarettes. Only The Almighty Himself knows what he wants as there is stark confusion in the  world today.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the model muslim, but I can’t practice any other religion; the thought of me clapping in church irks me.

Another issue I see is he treatment of women. The notion that they must stay home and raise the kids is completely outdated. Even though it’s still practiced among the Northerners, the modern world influences women to go out and make their own money and take charge of their own life. When I was living in Saudi Arabia, women couldn’t drive, compete in sports and they must wear Abaya’s. A woman in jeans in those shores was the devil. However, when I was living there, a family friend told me that any woman who wants to be equal to men lacks ambition. Why would you want to be equal to men when you can strive to the top without “shouting to the world that we aren’t alive only to make babies”. Strange huh?

These are my thoughts. One word: Issues

Check back tomorrow as I try to talk about a time I thought about ending my life. This would probably be the hardest one to date, but I’ll crack it open tomorrow. Don’t forget to subscribe….

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