The 30-Day Challenge – Day 3 – Drugs and Alcohol


Yesterday I discussed where I’d like to be in 10 years, and I actually enjoyed dreaming about it yesterday night. :D. Today its gonna be about the most acceptable social vices life has to offer: drugs and alcohol. Enjoy… 

Growing up in Saudi Arabia is probably an experience not many people would have in their life, but it showed me a lot of stuff. It showed me the good from the bad, the right form the wrong, and I could sieve away the truth from the lies. I’m a muslim so when we had classes we always talked about what’s right and what’s wrong. It was something that we couldn’t do without in an IRS class. That being said, I will always know drinking and smoking is haram in my religion (although in Nigeria, the smoking part is debatable).

Here’s the irony: In Saudi Arabia smoking cigarettes is rife. Almost everyone does it. Having a box of cigarettes was like having your house keys; it was almost a necessity. I’m won’t cover the part about lighters; the least said the better. You can actually get scolded by your parents for breaking their lighters (not my parents!).

You won’t find a much worse contrast than the Arab’s preference to smoking, compared with their gut-wrenching hatred for alcohol. It’s so funny that they prefer to smoke out their lungs rather than destroy your liver cells. I believe that the Qur’an banned both because they are intoxicants, and they can kill by causing cancers. In other words, you got the cancer because you were smoking too much (lung cancer) or you were drinking too much (liver cancer). You’re killing yourself indirectly, and suicide leads straight to hell. So what’s your p???

When I came to Nigeria in 2003, the cigarette smoking was normal to me but the drinking wasn’t. The first time I took alcohol (Don Simon) it was mixed with Berry Blast and the alcohol content wasn’t huge, so my throat wasn’t getting fried. It also meant I didn’t know I was taking alcohol. When I went home I jumped on my bed. Let’s just say the dream I had that day could win an Oscar.

I thought that was all, but I was shocked when I saw a shop owner drinking a full bottle of cough syrup. The young, immature mind of mine thought his case of cough was special, until I told my friends what I saw and they gave me two (2) words: Codeine and Benylyn. Then they virtually educated me about drugs. Then the rest is history…

I feel that smoking is worse than drinking because I don’t want to enter a room and everyone starts looking at me smiling and asking me for what I smoked. Even if it happens for drinking, it’s virtually nothing that chewing gum (orbit to be exact) couldn’t solve. Being a moderate drinker doesn’t make you look like a complete sinner (except you are a muslim) but entering a room and the smell of your skunk, not to mention the snail-like movement caused by codeine….*sigh*. But as they say, too much of everything isn’t good so

These are my thoughts. One word: Opinion

Check back tomorrow for Day 4 as I discuss Islam, my religion. Don’t forget to subscribe….

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