Human Beings of Unique Tastes and Opinions…

Apologies for not posting anything. I’ve had a terrible dose of different things, which were compounded by my writer’s block that I got immediately after I posted the last entry *smh*.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking of what to write. I’ve had countless ideas, from a more complex poem to my own writer’s series, but I found something on the internet while I was just browsing about some old stuff on the internet..

Yep, I found the 30-day challenge on my sister’s old blog. The fact that other people have been doing this for some time and I didn’t know about it makes me feel kinda stale. Anyways, I believe it’s a way to get used to writing on a more consistent basis so I don’t procrastinate stuff I wanna do on my website. It also gives me the chance to write better and put my ideas from my past experiences  through to what I write, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

So, starting from the 1st day of September 2012, I’ll be posting stuff based on the challenge for the next 30 days! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t carry last o!

So till the first Saturday of September 2012:

Stay Cool,

Keep it Real, and

Impossible is Nothing!

Happy Living Folks!



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