The Dolphin’s Appearance: Circles Through My Head…….

“She ran circles through my head”……..every time I saw her

and its funny how they stopped when I realized I lost her

“There she goes again”……..of course not, that’s an impostor

The one that I loved would never be a bad thought to foster

Everyday I keep wondering “How did I lose her?”

“What did I do wrong that negatively amused her?”

“Was it when I told her, that nothing needs to change?”

Thoughts running through my mind, opinions banging in my brain

Time to move on but it feels like a boulder’s tied up to me

Tried to stretch my hand but the door needs a key

It’s just so heavy my body’s full of concrete emotion

I finally realize time makes it come out of me

It feels like an airplane banging the face of a train

My pride is smothered like important papers hit by rain

I live my life trying to blind myself of the past

For indulgence in negative thoughts are one of the many reasons for carrying last

So now I just resume my exuberant ways

Flirting with anyone that’s worth the waves of the thoughts of my mind

It’s better than drowning under the sea of my emotion

Cuz I might turn to a bomb you won’t like to see explode

So I’m with another one & she prevented my implosion

The passion of bad memories disrupted by lack of lust fantasies

now I’ve turned pictures in my mind into actions

receiving incredulous reactions and emphatic satisfaction

But I can’t forget those times when I thought I’d be depressed forever

Those days when a smile was worth a Bugatti to a man in the sky

I hope I never see those thoughts again in my life or the life after

So I continue my drive to success till the beginning of the rapture……..

This poem was inspired by B.o.B’s song “Circles” in the Strange Clouds album.

L8a peeps!


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