The Best Dad in the World

There are many people who do things that mean something to me  in this life. My dad doesn’t do things, he is those things…………….

I can go and list all the things I wouldn’t be without him but that’s too cliché. I simply just wanna thank him for everything he has done for me, from buying me the skateboard and roller blades to buying me my first shares. He has been a wonderful person, and its funny how I always grumble about him doing this and that, combined with his funny habits but that’s the same person that’ll be responsible for anything that happens to me, my sister and my mother. He’s always trying to make himself available, calling all the time (the timing of those calls ehn…..), making sure everything is in order and rectifying things that aren’t in order. To me he not only a dad, he’s kinda like a role model too! He is what I want to be in future (not completely but yeah…..): a chilled man waking up by 3 in the afternoon making money by watching news and calling his stock broker to handle his shares.

To cut it short, I wouldn’t be where I am without him. #simple

SO! without further ado…..Happy Father’s Day to Prof. Tajudeen Adebiyi; words aren’t just enough to describe how much you mean to me!!!

Also, I give a special s/o to people who don’t have a father to congratulate. The fact that you can live to see today shows that God Almighty (whichever religion) has been looking out for you even without your pops! So celebrate life, and strive for the best, because Impossible is Nothing!

L8a peeps!


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