The Best Dad in the World

There are many people who do things that mean something to me  in this life. My dad doesn’t do things, he is those things…………….

I can go and list all the things I wouldn’t be without him but that’s too cliché. I simply just wanna thank him for everything he has done for me, from buying me the skateboard and roller blades to buying me my first shares. He has been a wonderful person, and its funny how I always grumble about him doing this and that, combined with his funny habits but that’s the same person that’ll be responsible for anything that happens to me, my sister and my mother. He’s always trying to make himself available, calling all the time (the timing of those calls ehn…..), making sure everything is in order and rectifying things that aren’t in order. To me he not only a dad, he’s kinda like a role model too! He is what I want to be in future (not completely but yeah…..): a chilled man waking up by 3 in the afternoon making money by watching news and calling his stock broker to handle his shares.

To cut it short, I wouldn’t be where I am without him. #simple

SO! without further ado…..Happy Father’s Day to Prof. Tajudeen Adebiyi; words aren’t just enough to describe how much you mean to me!!!

Also, I give a special s/o to people who don’t have a father to congratulate. The fact that you can live to see today shows that God Almighty (whichever religion) has been looking out for you even without your pops! So celebrate life, and strive for the best, because Impossible is Nothing!

L8a peeps!


Memoirs of The Bells: The Music Room

Hey pple……

It’s another memoir! This time I look back into one of the most important places I’ve been to. Its not a country or tourist site, it’s just a place where every emotion in my mind poured out to my preferred weapon of artistry…..    

The Music Room…..

Where imagination met creativity and action

Where the idle mind met a enjoyable distraction

Where faithful individuals met a place to get away from the realistic & boring world of academics

Where creativity is chopped and brewed to innovation

The place where my trouble started and ended

Where I talk to the one whose friendship never faded

The place where I felt was another home……….


The music room was the place to get away from solving maths and writing essays. Whenever I wanted to scale class or run away from it all , I would go there to equip my own weapon…..of art.

The Flute…..

The instrument which moulded my thoughts for the solfa notation

From the thought of setting P to the air of renovation

From the annoyance of finding X to the harmonical calculation

Every move my finger made was a special rendition

To the people who listened, who felt the performance with adulation

I didn’t care about the loss of respiration

As long as someone was there to emit his appreciation…..

As long as someone was there to show a positive reaction

It felt I accomplished my mission of entertainment with satisfaction

Thus I say “gracias” to my audience for their soulful attention

The height of all my days in Bells was when I would pick up my flute, think of a song, and start writing down the notes as I test every one with the vigour, enthusiasm and motivation that made me the person I am today, tomorrow and forever…..but it wouldn’t have been accomplished without one person……….

That man that took me in

The person who told me that the sounds that people heard

could be manipulated by the little hands of the little boy

he was looking at

He gave me the chance; he threw me into the limelight

I thought I wasn’t ready, but he knew I was

He never doubted my ability, even when I did

He made me the person I am today

He cut out my arrogance and showed me one thing: with the instrument in your hand, sound is under control

No sound would come out of that Flute unless you put it there, and that’s how life is

Nothing right or wrong would come out of your life if you didn’t put it there…..

He showed me how to make my emotions my strength, and for that I thank you

If not for your impact in my life, I don’t think I would be where I am today

Even if you were probably the most annoying teacher I ever had, I still appreciate all you’ve done for me

From the shouts, screams, strokes of cane and the public embarrassment that transpired between us when we steeped into that studio

I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

L8a peeps!

The Carefree Diary: Ambition

This post is really coming later than scheduled, and I apologize. Anyways, Enjoy!



Lazy, and


These words define the exact way I felt after playing 5-aside footy on the basketball court, along with some *sighs* and *oohs* and a plethora of other tired and lazy noises and expressions. Walking back from the court is always a problem, but it’s always made easy with people walking beside you talking about things that would probably never happen (smh). Then one of these “friends” said something that baffled me. What he said emphasized my opinion (not sure it’s a fact yet) that Nigerian Politics have stained the mind of youths in our great with the idea that quick money can come from anywhere. He said:

“If Man Utd. offered me a 10-year contract worth 250k a week, I would sign it even if I don’t play for those 10 years”.

How narrow-minded can human beings get? I told them that it was bullshit and by signing that contract, you’ve officially wasted 10 years of your life. They said as long as the money is coming and they are receiving medals (that they didn’t even have the desire to play for), all is well.


There are people in this life o! I never thought that I could find people who just want to go through life without making an impact in life someway or somehow. It was said again some other time when I was beating the same people in FIFA (Man U to be exact….. :D), and I couldn’t even talk again, I just left the room after my game so I won’t argue.

So I went to my room (jobless af!), and I couldn’t get it off my mind. But instead of me thinking of that contract bullshit exactly, I thought about me. What am I gonna do? I have this particular arrogance of making sure my presence was felt anywhere I went to, and failure to do that just brought me down into an annoying mood swing, which lead to depression. Adding to the fact that I’m as arrogant as anyone can be (ask my fmr. music teacher), I have a certain bad luck whenever my expectations are high (Life’s a Bitch).

Normally I expect anybody I see in AUN to be ambitious. I expect that the main reason they are in school is to get a degree, masters, and make their own company (or get a 1 mill-a-month job). However, I’ve seen my expectations crushed again by meeting some particular people who just believe that they will always be the average individual who will graduate and get an average job, with an uncertain future. It’s funny how students can have that mindset, considering the fact that I found such people in a school that the tuition alone is 795k (we haven’t even thought of housing and other stuff yet, which raises the total fees to an est.1.5 mill).

Putting all this together, I thought of myself. I have an average CGPA, very average to above average grades, a nice rapport with most of my teachers and lot of friends with a few trusted ones. My lassies-faire approach to whichever room and whoever’s my roommate has given me mixed results, from a terrible roommate in the fall (ugh!!!) to a steady and relatable set of roommates in the spring (thank God!). This isn’t the case for the classes I pick tho, as I prefer thinking of the timing of the classes rather than listen to the popular talk about lecturers, so I disregard them. I’ve already thought of life after AUN, with mixed results. While I plan of doing NYSC before my masters (my sister did the opposite), I haven’t really figured out what I want to do. I’ve jotted down several possibilities like getting a job at First Bank or making a business, but nothing has been finalized yet. I don’t believe I have time though, so I feel that it should be settled so I know where I’m heading and how to get there.

Despite the indecision, I think I can do it big. I think that with the desire and the determination, the sky is the beginning. And you know what would be better: if everybody felt the same way. Unfortunately, it’s true that some of us won’t be as successful as they want to be, but it’s never bad to make a gamble or a calculated risk. It’s never bad to have an ambition to do something, no matter how impossible it looks or it seems.

That’s why I support teams like Chelsea and Germany: They wear Adidas, and with them, Impossible is Nothing!

 L8a peeps!