I Remember Those Days

Al0! So after a turbulent exam week (boy!), I decided to ease back into my flows with this poem. Its more like an abstract to the next post: Ambition! Read and Enjoy!

Those days when we didn’t need to care

Our parents would handle………it

Those days when we would mess up and my mom would say “it’s ok”

Those days I would cry and mother would sleep? No way!

Those days that ill tear my jeans while playing ball and wake up to 5 new ones the next day

I would still tear those ones up anyway

I remember those days


My dad would joke about x and y, now he’s angry I can’t solve it

Those days when it his job to supply, now he can demand too

Those days when I used to play with his mini-laptop I used to love it

I remember when he would take me to the mosque every Friday to pray

Damn…..I can’t believe how I lost my way


Those days when my sister would teach me how to swim

That day that I drowned!……….

That day that I first tore my jeans and everybody was laughing at me

as I tumbled to the ground with the thought of what my mom would say

But…..she said its ok


Nowadays you’re responsible for everything

And your parents don’t celebrate anymore for good grades

It’s like an obligation, A’s and B’s should be normal

I remember when they bought me pizza when I got first in class

Nowadays when I get A’s they just say words and wanna see my ass

But am I ready future because I get A’s???

Wait…..Do I even get them?


This is just a poem the rewinds and fast forwards my memories at the same time. However, it’s time to look to the future, but do I really want to look at the future?

Come back next time for Ambition, straight from The Carefree Diary……..


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