The Memoirs of The Bells: The Concluding Answer

As my PC has risen from the dead, so has Life Through my Waters. From the depths of lappy troubles , I’ve thrown myself back into the blogging world  with my second post on the site from “Memoirs of The Bells” known as………The Concluding Answer! Have u gotten it like me before? Read and find out…………..

It’s funny how someone could decline from hearing a question. “Can I ask you a question?” NO! GBAM! It’s something that isn’t expected, a shock so to say. What if the person wasn’t in the mood? Okay…..that a bit understandable. What if the person is still traumatized from a shock, something that happened to a family member for example? Very understandable. But!, what if the person knew the question you were asking, and didn’t want to hear it? That’s something else. It’s normal but it’s still unusual. In most cases, the person probably didn’t want to hear the question because of the answer he or she may give. It may be insulting, foolish, sarcastic, or the person may not even know what the answer was. In my case, what happened to me was kinda heart-breaking, cause it was a question that was really, really important to me at the time. But not only did she give a negative answer without even saying it, she didn’t even want to hear the question! “Sorry but, I don’t want to hear the question”…..I can remember the words like it’s a punchline.

I’m not mentioning names so ill refer to the person as T. We knew each other since primary school, (although I spent only a year there), and then we also went to the same secondary school. We weren’t actually that close but we still knew each other well enough to say hi when we see each other and have a nice chat (mostly in the music room).  However, that all changed when I went home in my after my SS1 (Grade 10) second term for the holidays, I sent her a request on Yahoo Messenger, and she answered swiftly. From there we started chatting non-stop, typing as if we had assignment to submit the next day. Then we exchanged numbers. Those days night calls were the shit (although it still is, but not as bad as before). We talked and talked and talked. It was so bad that when we had nothing to say then one of us would play music and keep the phone close to the speakers of whatever we were using to play it until something came up. Yes, it was that bad!

It didn’t stop there. When the holidays were over and we came back to school, we never stopped finding ways to talk to each other. At times it was hilarious. Since we were in school band we used to chill after rehearsals in front of the music room and talk. Those days we just couldn’t get enough of each other. When we went for competitions, I would reserve seats for her to stay beside me so we could talk more. At times it was like we were addicted to each other’s voice.

After months of constant talking, she began to trust me with her secrets. She was telling me what she thought about guys and what people were saying about me in girls school (Yes u did!), particularly after that! incident (if u were in bells and u don’t know what I’m talking about, u dey carry last). I started telling her some things too, things I wouldn’t tell any average girl or average guy.

Then it hit me. The fact that I have never had a girlfriend in my life rang in the ears of my brain anytime I wanted to talk to her. My closest friends were saying the same thing. “This girl is all over you”, “You can’t chyke a girl forever o!”, “By the time you’ll overchyke her and she says no then you will know”. I initially thought that we were great friends and I could keep it that way, but I also wanted to know how it feels to have a girlfriend by my side. Unfortunately, the last quote among those three turned into reality. Now I know!

Another holiday came and the same habits of the last holidays ensued, but since she travelled, we talked mostly on the internet. Then I decided to ask her out during the grand Christmas party we had at the end of every First term.

After another term of talking to each other, the Christmas party came (we called it cp). We were together for most of the party, so I planned that when the party died down that we would sit down somewhere and start spitting my lyrics (Yes, I had those). But the matrons ended the party early and we left the hall together. I felt that I couldn’t leave her alone that night without asking her out, so when we were walking back to her dorm, I told her “Hey, can I ask you a question?” She paused, looked at me vigorously and said those words: “Sorry but, I don’t want to hear the question”.

My world just stopped right there. My mind literally paused! I didn’t know what to think. My brain just couldn’t process it! I was confused…………….

I told a few of my friends that ill pop the question that day, and they were asking what the answer was. I told them she said she’ll think about it. I had to lie to them to save face. She bounced me without telling me no! Wow……

Life moves on, and we hardly talk nowadays but we still cool. But since when she said that thing, we never talked the way we used to. I feel that I lost something in that, but it was strange to me, talking to someone who said no to me, particularly when I found out that the time she said those words, she didn’t know my question until she told the story to someone else and the person told her my intentions. The person then told everybody while we were talking  about girls in class! The person knows himself.

Shout out to T tho, u were an amazing friend those days and I still miss the closeness we had back then. If I had the chance to go back to those days when we talked till we were dead, I would, but the past is the past, and Life is a bitch!

That’s it for the return of my blog to the live stream. Next week I’m gonna drop a post from “The Chronicles of My family” titled Laparoscopy. U really don’t wanna miss this one. Cone back next week Thursday!


2 thoughts on “The Memoirs of The Bells: The Concluding Answer

  1. As you know, perpetual last carrier that I am, I know not those referred to but it was fun to read :D. A little more careful editing would help a lot though. Looking forward to the next ;).

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