Ladies and Gentlemen,

What you are reading now

Is the beginning of an individual journey into a world

Where I know there is talent within

But no expertise in the mind to begin with

I may not posses the catchy phrases of Castle

The billion-dollar character like J.K Rowling

or The Mastery of Suspense possessed by Stephen King

but I promise to the readers of this blog is creativity……….

Creativity which is motivated by realistic optimism

Creativity which is bred from a mind of the people

Creativity that flows like a wave through all my endeavours

Creativity, that puts a silver lining on every displeasure

I have taken a step of faith

Into a world where I personally know nothing

But I’m being flown into shore by the ocean of people

Who gave me their fins to swim and a chance to be their equal

You can make me into a person who believes he has no equal

But I always knew that the there is someone better than the one you see

I really can’t wait to start writing the prequel

But I hope that I’ve just wowed you with the sequel

The Introduction

Ladies and Gentlemen, You’ve just finished reading the Official Introduction to ‘Life Through My Waters’, A blog created by Yinka Adebiyi (a.k.a Poseidon). The poem above is like an indicator of what I want this blog to be like; the poem is a description of my blog.

In this blog, I will be giving my opinion on different issues being littered in my ‘personal ocean’ (my brain), along with stories & poems. I have developed a very strong, natural interest in Music, from collecting every single disc dropped by Eminem & Kenny G since childhood to being the lead soloist while playing the flute for 6 years in my school band @ bells (my secondary school), so there will be some artistic trips around my blog.

In the beginning of the blog, I plan to bring out a sub-blog topic: ‘Memoirs of The Bells’. In this blog I want to relive my memories from secondary school, which I believe was the most memorable time of my life. All the good and the bad happened there, from being backstage with a girl to being given the yellow light before finally getting the inevitable red ( if you know what I mean!), along with the normal boarding school tales of the run-ins with seniors. I will also drop The Chronicles of  My Family, a few posts that circle around my family, from fights between my mom and my sister to making love (no not that!). The two topics will be blogged about in turns, and none of the topics will  be run for consecutive weeks.

So on this note I sign out of the world of  blogging for the first time. However, I hope  that I would be able to produce a drop of ‘Life Through My Waters’  every thursday, although Life can decide to be a bitch so its a very tentative schedule and is subject to change!

Thanks, and support my blog!



8 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I am impressed, really impressed. Obviously your WRI 101/2 classes are But well done, and good luck with your blog!


  2. hmm! very familiar feeling! that music room was the beginning of all troubles! *rme*

    Nyways! Nice work done here, even though it could be better…lol..jus kidding!

    Keep it up!

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